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You may place your order securely online via credit card or Paypal right now for these new & upcoming Jase Video events.  Thank you!

Our 2023 Dance Blu-rays & DVD’s are now available to order via secure online payment with credit card or Paypal.

(Recital DVD’s from previous years are also available for purchase and fast shipping.  Thank you!!)

Core Kinetics Huron
Core Kinetics Milbank
Core Kinetics Redfield

Huron 2023 Recital Blu-ray or DVD

Milbank 2023 Recital Blu-ray or DVD

Redfield 2023 Recital Blu-ray or DVD

Watertown 2023 Recital Blu-ray or DVD

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Living Art Watertown

Order the 2023 Living Art Watertown Blu-ray’s and DVD’s here!

Core Kinetics Milbank
Living Art Watertown